Business Policy

Refunds & Cancellations

We’re confident that you will be thrilled with your alterations. We understand, however, that sometimes an alteration may not be what you expected it to be. In that unlikely event, we invite you to review the following terms related to refunds, returns, and subsequent alterations to correct original alterations.

Because each garment is subjectively tailored, we do not offer any refunds, exchanges or returns for any alterations that have been performed by Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations regardless of the client’s level of satisfaction. Refunds and cancelations are only permitted for an order (with the exception of rush orders) within 24 hours of placing an order and/or providing payment details to Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations(“initial meeting”). If a refund or cancelation is requested after 24 hours of the initial meeting with Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations, it is at the sole discretion of Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations to refund or cancel the order but the service fee will not be refunded under any circumstance. The reason for this policy is that once an order is placed, work on the garment commences shortly thereafter and expenses are incurred by our business as part of the tailoring process.

When Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations and a customer commence a business relationship (at the time of the initial sale when payment information is provided to Nancy’s Tailoring) whereby Nancy’s Tailoring performs an alteration and/or a tailoring service in exchange for payment, the customer clearly understands that there is a risk associated with tailoring a garment, since tailoring a garment involves subjective work and there is no objective way to measure the quality and satisfaction related to an alteration, from start to finish. The customer understands that Nancy’s Tailoring may alter and/or tailor a garment such that the customer could be unhappy with the final result for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: the resulting garment (following an alteration) is deemed unalterable, damaged or unfixable. In any of these aforementioned events, Nancy’s Tailoring & Alterations will not provide a refund or exchange under any circumstance. In the event that a garment is deemed unalterable, defective or damaged by a customer following Nancy’s Tailoring work on a garment, Nancy’s Tailoring will not provide a refund or exchange and will not replace the garment or compensate the customer for the replacement cost or re- sale value of the garment. However, in the event of an unfavorable situation, the Company will make best faith efforts (at its sole discretion) to try to remedy it.

If you are unhappy for any reason, we are 100% committed to working with you to achieve a solution.

Our expected timeline for completing alterations from start to finish is 1 to 2 weeks depending on our current volume. While we do our best to meet this expected timeframe, timing is subject to change (without notice) based on a range of factors that are sometimes outside of our control. Even if there is a material delay in the timeframe with respect to a client alteration, refunds and/or cancelations are not permitted under any circumstance. Nancy’s Tailoring (at its sole discretion) will make best faith efforts to remedy any unfavorable situations and make things right.

Alterations Guaranteed

We will guarantee our work at Nancy’s Tailoring, at any location, up until 30 days of the pickup date (of your garments) indicated on your receipt. This means we will be only responsible for fixing any rips, holes, tears, and mistakes solely caused by work that was done on your garment by a member of our staff. The company will not be responsible for wear and tear of the actual garment that does not relate to the specific alteration performed by Nancy’s Tailoring

After 30 days, the client will be responsible for his or her respective garment(s) and will be held fully responsible for any purported issues. Nancy’s Tailoring reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to make best faith efforts to remedy the situation after the 30-day period, provided that the client notifies us in writing that he/she would like us to take a look at the garment(s) to see if there is a potential solution.


By using Nancy’s Tailoring to obtain body or garment measurements, the client explicitly agrees that Nancy’s Tailoring does not assume any liability for said measurements in any capacity including but not limited to the resulting fit or garment quality from using such measurements, as different companies translate and interpret measurements differently. The client further understands that a Nancy’s Tailoring does not make any representations regarding the quality or accuracy of its measurements nor does it assume any responsibility or liability for said measurements should the measurements be used to create any garment, alter any garment and/or purchase any garment (custom or not custom) from a third party company.